SPD's (Surge Protection Devices) Total Protection Solutions

Total Protection Solutions (TPS) is an innovative family of surge protection products, merging 50 years of power protection field experience with a leading manufacturer in the surge suppression industry. TPS is your answer to total protection from harmful electrical disturbances that could destroy equipment and cause downtime to your systems. The Total Protection Solutions focus is on you-the end user-and your needs, protecting your telecommunications, data systems, and electrical distribution systems throughout your facility.

Total Protection Solutions Will Dramatically Maximize Your ROI.

TPS offers significant long term savings - An investment in Total Protection Solutions products is an investment in cost savings and increased productivity for the life of your facility. A Total Protection System...

  • Lowers Repair Costs - TPS surge suppression protects your equipment and facility from costly repairs due to electrical problems. If unprotected, sensitive electronic devices are subject to damage from transient events, and over time, these small spikes erode electronic circuit connections, making them unstable and subject to failure.
  • Less Downtime - Electrical disturbances cost North American companies more than $26 billion each year. For large businesses, even a few minutes in operational disruption can cost millions of dollars in lost information and revenue. Reducing downtime is the most important priority in operating any facility. The cost of downtime is almost always many times (10+) the cost associated with electrical maintenance and equipment repair. A TPS Total Protection System will ensure a dramatic reduction in downtime.
  • Increase Equipment Reliability - TPS products suppress and neutralize potentially damaging spikes or surges. High frequency noise is filtered and reduced to harmless levels, preventing degrading, damaging transients from disrupting the processes you depend on every day.
  • Improved Productivity - When your equipment is working, downtime is minimized, your staff is productive, and your company is reaping huge benefits. In facilities where productivity is routinely measured, significant increases can be expected.


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