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Industrial Drives & Controls

Customer: Quote: PDF:
Quebecor World
Concord, ON

"We were having numerous problems with our splicer, specifically Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) locking up, drives literally blowing up (grenading) which would shut down the press for an hour to two hours each time at a cost of $750.00 per hour. "

Irving Forest Products
Toronto, ON

"We experienced about nine drive failures in 10 months which caused a lot of downtime and production issues."

Denver Cold Storage
Denver, PA

"..we also had problems in the past with lightning destroying drives and parts of our fire alarm system."

Rockwell Automation
Cambridge, ON

"John Shamess has been instrumental in solving transient voltage issues with customers of Rockwell Automation products, as well."


Lighting, Electronic Ballasts

City of London
London, ON

"Payback has been less than one year on currently installed equipment, and I am pleased to report that “Total Protection Solutions” has done the job in protecting our lighting and has paid for itself in this short time."

Presstran Industries
St. Thomas, ON

"The bottom line, Total Protection Solutions has been instrumental in assisting Presstran Industries find solutions to our power quality issues."

Foulkeways Retirement Home
Gwynedd, PA

"The entire TPS system paid for itself in less than twelve months."

Gary Fox, Johnny Whitehead
General Electric

"This paper documents testing performed to determine the sensitivity of currently available electronic lighting ballasts for fluorescent lighting to surges which may be created both internal and external to a users facility."


Waste Water

Runge & Associates
Collingwood, ON

"We recommend the use of International Innovative Systems TVSS devices for “peace of mind” protection against transient voltage events. "

Trojan UV
London, ON

"For aftermarket surge suppression solutions, we are confident that International Innovative Systems can provide the necessary product and expertise."



St. Catharines, ON

"TPS Canada also provides pre and post installation inspections to ensure that each installation is in accordance with their specifications."

J.L. Richards
Ottawa, ON

"Most recently, we completed a $9 million post-secondary institution in Timmin, Ontario. The school's electrical load have the potential to vary due to various classroom uses ranging from carpentry, heavy-duty machinery and millwrighting; to hairstyling and computer labs."

SNC Lavalin
Toronto, ON

"For more than 12 years, we have been working with Mr. John Shamess of International Innovative Systems (IIS) and incorporating IIS transient voltage suppression (TVSS) devices in our designs..."


Commercial and Real Estate

City of London
London, ON

"The life-time savings for these units could reasonably exceed $100,000.00 as well as extending the life of the controllers."

Eldorado Artesian Springs
Eldorado Springs, CO

"I believe the surge protection system has had a significant effect on our bottom line; and is an investment I wish I had made earlier."

Nashville Baptist Church
Nashville, NC

"It is hard to put a price tag on having reliable elevators for our elderly members."

Royal Bank of Canada
Toronto, ON

"I have no reservations in recommending their TVSS as an installed device for our system protection."

Triumph Real Estate
Louisville, CO

"The TOTAL PROTECTION SOLUTIONS TVSS units installed throughout the power distribution system dramatically improve the power quality throughout the building."


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