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ServiceTrack Surge Protector

ServiceTrack Series

ServiceTrack Series are the choice for main service, distribution panel, and branch panels. Compact design offers easy installation. The optional enhanced transient filter will extend your equipment life and reliability.

Part Numbers from: TK-ST080-***** to TK-ST400-*****

LowProfile Surge Protector


Low Profile products maximize correct installation and offer performance advantages with in-wall flush mount capability. The best choice for sub-panel and critical load applications with the best enhanced transient filter (ETF) in the industry.

Part Numbers from: TK-LP080-***** to TK-LP120-*****

Service Track Medium Voltage

ServiceTrack Medium Voltage

Designed for Petroleum and Mining Industry, and other Large Industrial & Heavy Duty Applications.

Part Numbers: TK-STMV-****NN


Residential Surge Protection

Includes PanelTrack-R, and PanelPro-F Residential Slimline models. Ideal for residential service entrance.

Part Numbers TK-PanelPro-F-CA or TK-PK0**R-1S240-L

PanelTrack Standard

OEM Surge Protection

Protects equipment against the harmful effects of lightning strikes and internally generated electrical transients. Small compact footprint, perfect for OEM applications.

Part Numbers TK-PK040D-*****-L

PanelTrack PKD

PanelTrack PKD

Protects DC critical dedicated control loads against the harmful effects of lightning strikes and internally generated electrical transients.

Part Numbers TK-PK040D-48VDC-LA and

TransTrack 2 Surge Protector

TransTrack 2

Ideal for distribution panels, branch panels and critical loads.

Part Numbers from: TK-TT2065-***** to TK-TT2100-*****


LoadTrack LT

LoadTrack LT, LTE and LTL

Ideal for protecting the PLC's, Building management systems, OEM and systems integration controls and other microprocessor-based loads.

Part No's: TK-LT24-15A-DIN2 to TK-LT250-15A-DIN2

Part No's: TK-LTE120-30A-DIN2 to TK-LTE250-30A-DIN2

Part No's: TK-LTL120P-30A to TK-LTL277S-30A

ComTrack Surge Protectors

ComTrack Series

Includes CAT5E, DB9, SLP, TLP, MDP, CLP. ComTrack products are the most reliable surge protective devices for standard phone, data and communications applications.

Part Numbers starting with: TK-CT2

Lightning Rod

Lightning Protection

More than 2,000 lightning flashes occur every minute. Normally, this lightning discharges harmlessly in the atmosphere, but when it strikes the ground, it can cause considerable damage to property. Injuries are possible, even loss of life.

TPS Canada provides world-leading products that divert lightning ground strikes and prevent damage to buildings, property and people.



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