SPD's and Waste Water Treatment

Properly networking Total Protection Solutions™ surge protection devices (SPDs) solves many of the electrical problems experienced by Waste Water Treatment Facilities. The resulting Total Protection System will dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

Some common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  1. Controller and Circuit Board failure, i.e. memory loss and erratic operation
  2. Motor Failure, Bearing Fluting and Bearing Failure
  3. Excessive failure rate of microprocessor based controls
  4. Damage to flow meters and turbidity meters
  5. Decreased life of all lighting systems
  6. Reduced efficiency of motors, compressors and transformers

Experience proves that protecting the electrical system with TPS solves many electrical problems and improves the total operating efficiency of electrical systems.

The following list includes electrical overhead areas that should be considered in cost justifying TPS proposals:

  1. Extended life and increased efficiency on lights and ballasts and associated labor costs.
  2. Reduced electrical service work (large motor, PLC replacement).
  3. Reduced equipment downtime (repair and service).
  4. Extended equipment life.
  5. Value of increased electrical systems safety (fire, lightning, etc.).
  6. Value of increased efficiency and reliability of electronic equipment.
  7. Value of efficient use of time (maintenance, engineering, management, etc.).

Total Protection Solutions™ surge suppression is often cost-justified simply by the improvement in lighting efficiency and reliability of electronic equipment.

The installation of the TPS surge suppression provides these important benefits to those involved with the facility:

  1. Manager Plant Services- Extended life of main facility equipment / lower operating overhead. This provides an attractive operating condition for employees and is cost effective and budgetary friendly.
  2. Employees - Improved day to day operations within their work areas.
  3. Facility Supervisor & Facility Engineers - Effective use of time; increased cash flow due to less downtime and nuisance situations.

TPS equipment in an industrial application has either a 30-year free replacement warranty (AC Panel Units) or a 10 yr free replacement warranty (telecom equipment). A unit is replaced or repaired at no cost (except shipping & installation) if it fails, for any reason, during the warranty period. There is no maintenance or monitoring of the TPS surge suppression device after the installation.

Tim Dakers
Sales & Marketing Manager
International Innovative Systems


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