LoadTrack Surge Protectors


Provides surge protection against harmful transient voltages that exceed the nominal operating voltage of AC and DC critical dedicated control loads.

  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Ideal for protecting the PLC's, Building management systems, OEM & systems integration controls and other microprocessor-based loads
  • Compact, fail-safe design allows flexible installation
  • Dual Component-Level Fusing (CLF) standard, Enhanced Transient Filter (ETF) standard
  • 15-year Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty

Spec Sheets


Part Number

LT-30A TK-LTE120-30A-DIN2
  *** 24 or 48 or 120 or 250
LTE-30A TK-LTE120-30A-DIN2
LT-15A TK-LT***-15A-DIN2
  *** 24 or 48 or 120 or 250
LTE-15A TK-LTE***-15A-DIN2
TK-LTL-30A TK-LTL****-30A
  ****120P or  220P or  277P
  ****120S or  220S or  277S
LTE-DIN2 Installation  
LT-DIN2 Installation  
LTL Installation