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  Power Quality & Performance

Over the last 20 years, electrical distribution systems have changed and grown substantially. Electronic equipment uses sensitive microprocessors (chips). Industrial facilities are powering energy efficient solid state lighting, telecommunications, air handling, security systems, HVAC systems, and more.

In all modern power systems, there are interactions of the electrical equipment throughout a facility. In years
past, these interactions had little consequence.

The Problem - Incompatibility

In today's world, computers, laser printers, copiers, variable speed drives, electronic power supplies, and sensitive silicon-based microchips are sharing the same electrical system with traditional equipment, creating a system incompatibility. Modern equipment, both now and in the future, will require the electrical system to be free of transients and surges. Neutral and ground conductors must be virtually noise-free. Simply put, sensitive modern electronics and processors cannot tolerate the high frequency transients, surges, and noise present in all electrical systems.

... the solution - The Total Protection System

Properly networking Total Protection Solutions surge protection devices (SPDs) solves many of the electrical problems experienced by commercial and industrial facilities. The resulting Total Protection System will dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

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