Electrical Surges Can Strike Your Home

Today's homes are equipped with a vast array of sophisticated modern equipment which families depend on. Computers, home theater, networking hubs and routers, telecommunications, security systems, automated lighting, sprinkler systems and other building automation represent a considerable investment.

Home Surge Protection Drawing

How Secure Are Your Home Electronics & Appliances?

Electrical surges originate from a variety of external and internal sources. These external damaging surges include lighting and power utility switching. Surges can also be generated internally by heating and air conditioning units, lightning, kitchen appliances, pumps and motors, garage door openers, hair dryers and other electrical appliances.

Avoid Inconvenience & Expensive Repair Costs

Your home appliances and electrical equipment can create large surges which can damage a home theater system or corrupt the files on your home computer causing unnecessary inconvenience and expense. Surges can also enter your home through the telephone or cable service provider's connection.

Extend Your Equipment Life

The need for protection against electrical surges in your home has never been greater. Without adequate surge protection, your digital home electronic equipment could be damaged or destroyed. To protect your home and isolate surges from your expensive electronics, install a Total Home Surge Protection System today.

What is a Total Protection Solutions Total Home Surge Protection System?

The Total Home Surge Protection System is a series of surge protection products designed to protect your new home and its valuable electronic equipment and appliances from damaging electrical surges. By installing the TPS Total Home Surge Protection System family of surge protection products in your new home, you can feel the security and reassurance that your home is protected by the most reliable residential protection available.


PanelTrack Series

Selecting PanelTrack is the first step in providing the peace of mind of knowing your valuable electronics, computers and other home appliances are fully protected from the catastrophic losses caused by internally and externally generated transients. An electrician installs this whole house surge protection device at your home's main circuit breaker panel.

ComTrack CLP

ComTrack CLP

ComTrack CLP protects your home's coaxial cable connections. Prevents surges from damaging VCR's, cable boxes, modems, satellite dish receivers and other sensitive equipment.

ComTrack TLP

ComTrack TLP

ComTrack TLP provides surge protection for telephone lines and prevents surges from damaging computers, fax machines and other valuable resource equipment. This surge protection device is installed at your telecom carrier's point of entry to the home.


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